Harakon 2 minutes ago

you summoned me? /admin for quicker summoning

Pegarteas 4 minutes ago

Hello guys, is there any admin here? Need help

iSghic 6 minutes ago


MattJamison08 9 minutes ago

Thank you!

Pegarteas 9 minutes ago

Jezorrr, can you also make a private game for 6 players? Me and 5 other friends new here wanna play 6p standard game

MattJamison08 10 minutes ago


Kev36092 11 minutes ago

Random start. Pre muster. Tides of battle? Or is thay too nuts haha

Kev36092 11 minutes ago

Anyone down for an unrated live game

Jezorrr 12 minutes ago


Jwsundlie 12 minutes ago

i cant cause i already have a live

MattJamison08 13 minutes ago

Can someone make a game for new players?

Jwsundlie 20 minutes ago

do you guys want a rated live or unrated

Jwsundlie 24 minutes ago

PBEM Hurz same thing

Jwsundlie 25 minutes ago

Breed for throne wars WP if. you change to TOB ill play

Jwsundlie 26 minutes ago

JOIN PREMUSTER TOB RANDOM START for a fresh take on the game

Ser Hodor 26 minutes ago

come on, you cravens and join the war

TheFatShepherd 29 minutes ago

it's up

Acoss 35 minutes ago

yes i want too

Georsara 36 minutes ago

6p live unrated please

Tse_4 38 minutes ago

6p unrated pls?

We don't serve yer kind here!

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