maxillusion 27 minutes ago

3p rated 2/3

maxillusion 31 minutes ago

3p rated live any1 ?

issakh 1 h 2 min ago

oh ok thanks lanniw

Arcanjo 1 h 3 min ago

any players for live?

Lannie85 1 h 5 min ago

12 hours first kick, 24 hours 2nd, a week for your third

issakh 1 h 8 min ago

hi guys how long is the ban for "kick"?

Enskive 1 h 29 min ago

You are just to slow, old host your own game for slow players

Fredward40hands 1 h 33 min ago


Fredward40hands 1 h 33 min ago

will only accept "very fast" players. and loses time svings by rejecting everyone and delaying game start

Lannie85 1 h 34 min ago

Maybe another reason. And only super MoT’s can set a speed filter

Fredward40hands 1 h 44 min ago

guy doesn't even have a live game speed and yet I get kicked with a fast?

Arcanjo 1 h 56 min ago


Chrochtik 2 h 11 min ago

thanks! 2/3 live!

Chrochtik 2 h 13 min ago

unrated pls

tyreese 2 h 13 min ago

Rated or unrated?

Chrochtik 2 h 23 min ago

Is there any MoT to crate a 3p live pls no restrictions

Chrochtik 2 h 27 min ago

can someone create live 6p no restrctions pls

Chrochtik 2 h 32 min ago


Lannie85 2 h 34 min ago

Chrochtik 2 h 44 min ago

? I have finished 5 games

You fight like a dairy farmer.

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