First Sword of Braavos 44 minutes ago

make a game if you want to play

First Sword of Braavos 2 h 6 min ago

1/6 also down to start with 3

PetePorty 4 hours ago

Report them

vin379 5 hours ago

What to do about a player that has multi accounts? Possibly up to 4 in the same game?

Iyyillius 7 hours ago

Live 6 rated?

NEWolFF 9 hours ago

create again westeros phase?

Icyg00s3 10 hours ago

Could someone please PM me the easiest way to add an avatar pic. Probably simple but I’m struggling to do it!! 😂

Dmac 11 hours ago

Live 5 would even be nice

msold87 11 hours ago

its up

Dmac 11 hours ago


wheem 11 hours ago

I'm so desperate for a live 6 i would do anything

Corsairxt 11 hours ago


Corsairxt 11 hours ago

can someone please create live 6 player game?

Corsairxt 11 hours ago

live 6 plz

wheem 11 hours ago

how do i delete shout

wheem 11 hours ago

LIVE 6 LIVE pamplemousse joiner

Enskive 11 hours ago

Sorru hit the wrong button

Dmac 11 hours ago

live 6p please?

msold87 11 hours ago

can we get new 6 player game?

NEWolFF 11 hours ago

someone can create a live game pls?

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