Beornegar 6 minutes ago

Sansa, still, for how many and unrated or rated?

SansaLydia 31 minutes ago

anyone set up a live game?thank u

strange_undead 1 h 42 min ago

anyone for a 6p live game?

Harakon 2 h 37 min ago

The game willegal turn pbem after a while. If Nonne is kicked we can take a look at it (report)1

Beornegar 2 h 43 min ago

Alchem, you should report them

Marratheon 2 h 56 min ago

6p live and fast up now

Alchem17 3 hours ago

Playing live and two other players left without saying anything. What should I do?

yyzed 3 hours ago

nobody up for a game?

Beornegar 4 hours ago


yyzed 4 hours ago

and live!

yyzed 4 hours ago


Beornegar 4 hours ago

oh, sorry, meant to ask pro or unrated

Beornegar 4 hours ago

yyzed, live or pbem?

Beornegar 4 hours ago

other than joining to a game, which tells your speed index isn't high enough

yyzed 4 hours ago

can someone create a 3/6p live game?

Beornegar 4 hours ago

But that's not direct answer for your speed index. I believe there's really no way to see your speed index,

Harakon 4 hours ago

@phil: just click on your Name and you See your average speed

SansaLydia 4 hours ago

thank u my lord

PhilMcCavity 4 hours ago

Is there a way to see your speed index?

Beornegar 4 hours ago

I can, and I did.

Sovereign...? Naaaah!

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