Retroringostarr 1 minutes ago

someone create a 6 player live game, please!

Lord Jaime 1 minutes ago

3 p live unrated - come play!

mafiagustawa 1 minutes ago

thx for the info

Lord Jaime 3 minutes ago

There's already one open with 2 players

mafiagustawa 4 minutes ago

Come join my 3p live rated fast!

Rock10 5 minutes ago

WCh draw!!!

Nzoltan 12 minutes ago


Lord Jaime 12 minutes ago

this is a 3 p live

Highlander55 15 minutes ago

Lord Jaime Live or PBEM ?

zeniik 18 minutes ago


Lord Jaime 27 minutes ago

Can anyone create an unrated 3 player game?

Hector1st 1 h 35 min ago

the thing is that now we`re waiting for someone that hasn`t been active for the last 5 days, so we`ll probably need another ...

Hector1st 1 h 57 min ago

my bad, apologies

Hector1st 1 h 57 min ago

sorry, I missed that, Harakon himself took it, and because I didn`t see any posts there I thought that it`s been overlooked

Lannie85 2 h 1 min ago

The game continued, what is the problem?

Lannie85 2 h 1 min ago

Hector, pls indeed directly state your issue, tried to ask you about 3 times what was up and waited for it but you didnt reply anymore which is a bit annoying

Hector1st 2 h 3 min ago

before anyone signing up for it, it`s the last post in the Player replacement section, can it be re-opened?

Hector1st 2 h 3 min ago

agreed, I`ve posted in the Player replacement forum, asked for a replacement in a game, someone closed that thread

Harakon 2 h 4 min ago

Hector: YOu get help faster by issuing your request directly.

Harakon 2 h 5 min ago

banana: Finish the game and report. if you are right the kingmaker will hear from us if not nothing happens

Do, or do not, there is no try.

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