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godgreen 52 minutes ago

is there someone wants to play online?

godgreen 1 h 0 min ago

i am new here,hello

xiaohao 2 h 18 min ago

We only need one player

xiaohao 2 h 21 min ago


xiaohao 2 h 23 min ago


xiaohao 2 h 24 min ago

3P, come and play

xiaohao 2 h 26 min ago


l16153 4 hours ago

3 more tickets.

Lord Crook 5 hours ago

anyone for a live game?

Lord Crook 5 hours ago

6 anyone?

nickkoshy 6 hours ago


Lord Crook 6 hours ago

anyone for a live game?

nickkoshy 7 hours ago

Live 6p up

smnmslh 8 hours ago

2/3p fast ??

ll-Swords 9 hours ago

hey guys can someone create a 3p live unrated pls

Bobo24 11 hours ago

anyone for a live 3 p?

David McGregor 11 hours ago


Harakon 11 hours ago


David McGregor 11 hours ago

can someone create a 3p live tob pls?

Hoplit 11 hours ago

2/3 live, one spot left

Sovereign...? Naaaah!

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Topic: Asmodee
Posted: 2020-Oct-20 17:06
... and come here afterwards for a higher challenge. ^^

Stonemason's Apprentice

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Member since: 2020-Apr-17

Topic: Asmodee
Posted: 2020-Oct-20 18:21
I agree with that. As a person who generally sucks at this game (despite loving it), having the ability to play with AI really helps.

Definitely think they should improve AI though, especially if they plan to release the expansions.


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Topic: Asmodee
Posted: 2020-Oct-21 03:40
I think it's hard to improve the AI much more. Don't count on it.
The meta-game that is going on like with housecard management is very difficult to program. Games between humans often have a lot to do with communication. That part of the game isn't possible with the AI.

Don't think you'll learn from the AI. Against AI you can get familiar with the game basics and house cards, but don't expect to learn strategic stuff. It can be fun to play a quick solo game against AI, I hope you enjoy it.

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