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Nicky 44 minutes ago

3/6 for 6p live

GeneralVer 44 minutes ago

3/6 live up

GeneralVer 50 minutes ago

3p live up

Nicky 1 h 11 min ago

Live game anyone?

Sean_Snow 5 hours ago

3p up for u

potato 5 hours ago

come on 3p ,man

potato 6 hours ago


MrMX 9 hours ago

sean, would you be up for a 3p?

Sean_Snow 12 hours ago

1 more for 6. Come save us

Sean_Snow 12 hours ago

Some one save us. 5 of 6

konrad98ft 12 hours ago

come on gues sweet last spot

konrad98ft 13 hours ago


konrad98ft 13 hours ago


konrad98ft 13 hours ago


konrad98ft 13 hours ago

let's switch to 6p. we just finished one, so it will get full quickly

omriex7 13 hours ago

3p live 2/3

Sean_Snow 15 hours ago

Redo up

Soda-can 16 hours ago


Sean_Snow 16 hours ago


Soda-can 16 hours ago

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Topic: Collection of old Topics
Posted: 2017-Apr-03 21:05
In the next weeks, i will try to clean up the Forum, closing old topics and collecting them in one Megathread. In the following, im ignoring Discussions with less than 5 posts, because they dont seem to be important.
For strategic- and balancing-discussions, i created another sticky Thread:

If you have any suggestions or want to reopen a Topic, feel free to contribute! For example, it would really help me, if you write  a short summary for a thread, so i can add it here!

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Dance with Dragons Expansion' cards mixed with base game cards.
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Educational game repository

2nd-Edition 4-player-Map is absolutely imbalanced

Old Discussions
Strategy with Martell
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what is FAIR PLAY for you?

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Team game discussion
Greyjoy or Lannister Rarely Win Game if They Start Off Fighting Each Other...
[url= ]

[url= ]

to be continued...

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Topic: Collection of old Topics
Posted: 2018-Apr-24 22:01
Edit: nevermind

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