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Sir Garion 2 h 28 min ago


Puddingfritze 7 hours ago

can sb create 3 player live game pls?

czosnek 8 hours ago


Wildpivel 8 hours ago

5/6 enjoy!

Kamil14 8 hours ago

Last seat to fill in

Kamil14 8 hours ago


konrad98ft 8 hours ago

5/6 that's the moment - last juicy spot

Wildpivel 9 hours ago

2 left for 6 live game. Cmon!

konrad98ft 9 hours ago

almost there

konrad98ft 9 hours ago


Soda-can 9 hours ago


Kamil14 9 hours ago

3/6. Join us Soda

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Its up

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Lemme create a nwe one

Soda-can 9 hours ago

Where did it go?

Kamil14 9 hours ago

? Why

konrad98ft 9 hours ago

3/6 gueas come on

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Guys from 3p lobby, don't you want to play 6p?

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Czosnek hop in!!

Kamil14 9 hours ago

There were 5 of us .. Hop in into new lobby and we'll start in no time

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Topic: Bug with Doran Martell card
Posted: 2024-Mar-13 21:50
The Doran Martell card allows Martell player to put his opponent at the bottom of the track of his choice. However, if he chooses the Iron Throne and combat occurs during his opponent's turn, the next player to play will be skipped.

For example, I was playing Stark and was 4th on Iron Throne. Tyrell was 3rd and it was his turn to play. He attacked Martell and Martell used his Doran Martell card and moved Tyrell at the bottom of the Iron Throne track. This moved me up in 3rd. The result : My turn got skipped and it became Greyjoy's turn, who was the next player after me.

On top of this, Tyrell got the chance to play again in the same turn since he became 6th player on the track.

Patrek Harlow
One Of The Kingsguard

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Topic: Bug with Doran Martell card
Posted: 2024-Mar-13 22:21
I think that's how it is supposed to work.

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Topic: Bug with Doran Martell card
Posted: 2024-Mar-13 22:52
Tyrell playing again later in the turn yes, but skipping turn its not.

Maester without a chain

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Topic: Bug with Doran Martell card
Posted: 2024-Mar-14 08:03
From the official FAQ/errata, page 3:

Q: Is it possible for a player’s turn be ‘skipped’ if the Doran
Martell house card moves their token to the last position of the
Iron Throne track?

A: Yes, it is possible for a House’s turn to be skipped after
the resolution of Doran’s text ability. The turn order of the
Iron Throne track is always followed exactly as it appears;
the “1” position goes first, followed by the “2” position,
followed by position “3”, etc. It is the position on the track
that determines the current player, regardless of which
Houses have taken their turn.
For example, if the current player is in position “5” but is
then moved to the end of the track (position “6”) as a result
of Doran’ text ability, they would also be the next player,
because position “6” is always after position “5” no matter
which Houses were occupying those slots previously. In the
same way, the player whose House had previously been in
position “6” (and is now in position “5”) must wait through
another cycle of turns before resolving their next order.

Knight of Ni

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Topic: Bug with Doran Martell card
Posted: 2024-Mar-14 21:18
The use of Doran Martell on Iron Throne is probably the trickiest rule on current GoT game, but yes, I confirm, it's properly implemented here - and most table top players do not know that.

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