AryaBark 9 minutes ago

hostless 3P please

Limpan2002 13 minutes ago

3 player game *

Limpan2002 13 minutes ago

Can someone please host a empty 3 live room?

AzorHodor 18 minutes ago

how much more time till you can come back lol

Gizzo 18 minutes ago

wait for 2-3 more minutes ))

Spysakel 18 minutes ago

Where ?

Lord Kapoor 18 minutes ago

Am here dammnit

Spysakel 19 minutes ago

5/6 live rated game

AzorHodor 23 minutes ago

hope you get a spot

AzorHodor 23 minutes ago


Lord Kapoor 25 minutes ago

Ah damnn it lads am back

AzorHodor 55 minutes ago

live games up !

Mankchi 1 h 0 min ago

6p live unrated up!! Come join and have fun!

Addario 1 h 30 min ago

Oh, I can just start incomplete. But my players are already gone

Addario 1 h 31 min ago

But I can't host games

Addario 1 h 31 min ago

Apparently, you are right

Harakon 1 h 32 min ago

I would recommend to start the game with 3players if you dont find 6

Addario 1 h 34 min ago

6p live about to start. 2 players needed

Addario 1 h 47 min ago

I was guessing that people will come as soon as one other live game ends

Addario 1 h 48 min ago

Hm, better than never. I'll wait.

Spit it out! We won't laugh...

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JM Grip
The 8th God

Posts: 4,733
Games: 91
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Member since: 2007-Sep-28

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Feb-12 08:37
Thank you guys and girls for running this site!
I am talking about our Moderators and Judges who are supporting this Community and maintaining the best possible way to play this great game online.
Your outstanding work and commitment to this project is just amazing!

Apologize for development being behind schedule as always

Battle Commander

Posts: 701
Games: 167
Rank Points: 1,162
Member since: 2017-May-19

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Feb-12 10:47
I could not agree more. And many thanks for the outstanding development work as well!

Lord of Pyke

Posts: 343
Games: 1,816
Rank Points: 13,042
Member since: 2016-Jan-10

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Feb-18 10:22

Warden Of The North

Posts: 213
Games: 218
Rank Points: 1,896
Member since: 2016-Apr-14

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Feb-19 11:58
Thank you, JM and all the team. This is a nice place to chill the free time

Merlo Piccante
Official Shoutbox Spammer

Posts: 2,271
Games: 175
Rank Points: 814
Member since: 2015-Jun-11

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Feb-20 16:44
I have to say a big thank you as well. I haven't been as active as I used to be lately because of life's prioriries, but there're always enough users to make this a wonderful site.
Blacksmith's Apprentice

Posts: 147
Games: 34
Rank Points: 88
Member since: 2014-May-31

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Apr-10 17:34
big thank you to all people who dedicate their time to making this a better place


Posts: 152
Games: 191
Rank Points: 594
Member since: 2016-Jul-10

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Apr-26 01:40
I really, really, appreciate what people do to make this site possible.
I am a grateful user.


Posts: 1
Games: 14
Rank Points: 7
Member since: 2018-Jul-25

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Aug-02 20:42
A big shout out for whoever created, coded and maintained!

This is a very fun game to play and has a reasonably high skill cap to practice for. However, gathering friends in real life and finishing games without engaging in a hardcore debate / fist fight (only happens between GJ and Lanni) is hard. It is Thronemaster that allows us to play a decent AGoT game even though we are scattered across the world. Thank you for making this platform possible!

Furtum Vitae

Posts: 16
Games: 67
Rank Points: 459
Member since: 2018-Aug-30

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Sep-04 15:12
Yeah, i have also another thing to say- most of the times playing in real life  its hard to find experienced players- which results in very unbalanced games. Thanks to this platform people can play with equaly experienced players making it even more chalenging and entertaining! I cant thank you wnough guys for giving us this posibility.
One Of The Kingsguard

Posts: 17
Games: 168
Rank Points: 820
Member since: 2017-Sep-05

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Sep-04 15:35
I fully agree with all the positive things stated before and would like to join in by saying thanks a ton!

Posts: 1
Games: 8
Rank Points: 0
Member since: 2018-Nov-10

Topic: Something not being said enough
Posted: 2018-Nov-15 06:25
Thank you for bringing this into being.

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