PawcioF 31 minutes ago

6p live up

LisanAlGahib 1 h 26 min ago

any for live?

Kaminja 1 h 40 min ago

2/3 for live game!

PawcioF 1 h 54 min ago

anyone up for a 6p live?

Kaminja 2 h 8 min ago

3p live up

Ser Mesut 4 hours ago

it's b00yashaka, he can't handle losing, nvm

Ser Imp 4 hours ago

i have none in my BL

b00yashaka 4 hours ago

sad story

Ser Mesut 4 hours ago

could be 5/6 but i'm blacklisted for someone LOL

Kaminja 4 hours ago

2/3 for live game!

LisanAlGahib 4 hours ago


Kaminja 6 hours ago


Kaminja 6 hours ago

3p live up

jackpearson870817 6 hours ago

any MoT help to create a 6p live, better with house choice

Lizhijun 9 hours ago

no boddy?

SAKURAWAYENd 10 hours ago


ylchen 10 hours ago

any 3p live game?

marcospcmelo 10 hours ago

hard to find 3p =( maybe tomorrow

marcospcmelo 11 hours ago

2/3 ranked 3P

marcospcmelo 11 hours ago

had to do something, sry. Now?

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Topic: How to get involved in a game?
Posted: 2022-Aug-01 14:48
Hey guys,

I apologize if I missed the obvious information on this somewhere, but where do I sign up to join a PBF game?

I used to play tons on Board Game Geek a few years ago and am looking to get back into it?

I am super reliable, checks every morning at minimum, every weekday and likely every weekend as well.
I know the rules more or less perfectly.

If someone could direct me I'd love to put my name on a list

Thank you!
Knight of Ni

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Topic: How to get involved in a game?
Posted: 2022-Aug-01 16:58
Hey there, As far as I remember there is no open pbf game as of now. Follow this forum in case someone wants to host.

As for the standard game go to the Online games section to look for Beginner games (name is in green) to start building experience on the platform.

Welcome around !

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