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Sir Garion 2 h 27 min ago


Puddingfritze 7 hours ago

can sb create 3 player live game pls?

czosnek 8 hours ago


Wildpivel 8 hours ago

5/6 enjoy!

Kamil14 8 hours ago

Last seat to fill in

Kamil14 8 hours ago


konrad98ft 8 hours ago

5/6 that's the moment - last juicy spot

Wildpivel 9 hours ago

2 left for 6 live game. Cmon!

konrad98ft 9 hours ago

almost there

konrad98ft 9 hours ago


Soda-can 9 hours ago


Kamil14 9 hours ago

3/6. Join us Soda

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Its up

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Lemme create a nwe one

Soda-can 9 hours ago

Where did it go?

Kamil14 9 hours ago

? Why

konrad98ft 9 hours ago

3/6 gueas come on

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Guys from 3p lobby, don't you want to play 6p?

Kamil14 9 hours ago

Czosnek hop in!!

Kamil14 9 hours ago

There were 5 of us .. Hop in into new lobby and we'll start in no time

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Topic: How to get involved in a game?
Posted: 2022-Aug-01 14:48
Hey guys,

I apologize if I missed the obvious information on this somewhere, but where do I sign up to join a PBF game?

I used to play tons on Board Game Geek a few years ago and am looking to get back into it?

I am super reliable, checks every morning at minimum, every weekday and likely every weekend as well.
I know the rules more or less perfectly.

If someone could direct me I'd love to put my name on a list

Thank you!
Knight of Ni

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Topic: How to get involved in a game?
Posted: 2022-Aug-01 16:58
Hey there, As far as I remember there is no open pbf game as of now. Follow this forum in case someone wants to host.

As for the standard game go to the Online games section to look for Beginner games (name is in green) to start building experience on the platform.

Welcome around !

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