DaanSengers 37 minutes ago

yes! 3p live please

stenrnd 1 h 19 min ago

Does some1 want a live game?

Kaisers landing 3 hours ago

6p LIVE up

Kaisers landing 4 hours ago

2/6p ONLY 4 spots left gogogogogogogo

Kaisers landing 4 hours ago

6p LIVE GAME UP. Join up and lets go (today I'm ready)

Kaisers landing 4 hours ago

fast 6p live knife fight up. join in, NO PBEM

Kaisers landing 5 hours ago


Iyyillius 5 hours ago

oops made pbem ... its live now

Iyyillius 5 hours ago

I'll make

Iyyillius 5 hours ago

I am

Kaisers landing 6 hours ago

anyone up for 6p LIVE GAME?!

Seral 11 hours ago

Love to play a live game but at max 13 games - addicted me, lol. Pbem takes long

Ruubn 11 hours ago

live 3P up

Ruubn 11 hours ago

1P needed in 3P

Ruubn 11 hours ago

3P up

turiassu 13 hours ago

can anyone create a 6p live please?

Lord Jilakill 13 hours ago

6 p live 1 player missing !!

imrualkays 13 hours ago

1 more for llive

imrualkays 14 hours ago

2 players needed open live "game of Africa"

imrualkays 14 hours ago

6 players live up, 4 players needed !

I could have been an App ;-(

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Bruno Rivers
Raventree Hall's Retainer

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Topic: GoT on Steam
Posted: 2019-Nov-01 03:19

Hello my old friends. Long time no see.

What are your thoughts about our game coming on Steam next year?

Would you buy and play a game, when you can play it for free here?

Does one thing annuls the other?

Is it the end of my beloved Thronemaster?

Please, don't let it be...

Share your thoughts!!!



Posts: 207
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Member since: 2014-Jul-17

Topic: GoT on Steam
Posted: 2019-Nov-06 19:52
I would buy it for sure. MoD won't come for a lifetime here on thronemaster, so will be fun to try this one.

Posts: 19
Games: 68
Rank Points: 395
Member since: 2019-Sep-12

Topic: GoT on Steam
Posted: 2019-Nov-06 20:52
i would buy it for sure if that will bring wilding cards in game.

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