AryaBark 10 minutes ago

hostless 3P please

Limpan2002 14 minutes ago

3 player game *

Limpan2002 14 minutes ago

Can someone please host a empty 3 live room?

AzorHodor 18 minutes ago

how much more time till you can come back lol

Gizzo 19 minutes ago

wait for 2-3 more minutes ))

Spysakel 19 minutes ago

Where ?

Lord Kapoor 19 minutes ago

Am here dammnit

Spysakel 19 minutes ago

5/6 live rated game

AzorHodor 24 minutes ago

hope you get a spot

AzorHodor 24 minutes ago


Lord Kapoor 26 minutes ago

Ah damnn it lads am back

AzorHodor 56 minutes ago

live games up !

Mankchi 1 h 1 min ago

6p live unrated up!! Come join and have fun!

Addario 1 h 31 min ago

Oh, I can just start incomplete. But my players are already gone

Addario 1 h 32 min ago

But I can't host games

Addario 1 h 32 min ago

Apparently, you are right

Harakon 1 h 33 min ago

I would recommend to start the game with 3players if you dont find 6

Addario 1 h 35 min ago

6p live about to start. 2 players needed

Addario 1 h 48 min ago

I was guessing that people will come as soon as one other live game ends

Addario 1 h 49 min ago

Hm, better than never. I'll wait.

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